Serving Central Florida since 2003

A Dignified Service

Janet Erwin, owner of Central Florida Pet Crematory, has witnessed firsthand the need for having a choice and a dignified way of saying good-bye to their lifelong companions. Janet's husband, Dr. Rick Erwin and daughter, Dr. Cara Oliver, both veterinarians at Belleview Veterinary Hospital have serviced the Belleview/Ocala area for over 35 years. Janet knew that she could assist their grieving clients in choosing an appropriate final disposition for their beloved pet.
Urn with White Flower — Pet Cremation in Belleview, FL

Serving Central Florida Since 2003

We are proud to say that since 2003, Central Florida Pet Crematory has been in the business of helping pet owners say good-bye to their friends by offering private cremation services.

Private and Communal Cremations

Central Florida Pet Crematory offers two types of cremations:
  • A private cremation is when the pet is cremated by itself and is placed into a decorative urn that is returned to the family so that they can ultimately decide on the final resting place.
  • A communal cremation is when a group of beloved pets are cremated together and their remains are then scattered on the grounds of a beautiful horse farm.
We at Central Florida Pet Crematory can help you decide which type is appropriate for you. We take into consideration your living situation, personal and religious values, as well as plans for the future. These all can help determine which type of cremation is the right choice for you and your family.